Delta Airlines Reviews | All You Need to Know About Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines have always provided the most important services to all the customers. This airline is also considered as one of the oldest airlines in the USA. So in this article, you will get all the detail information about why Delta Airlines is the best of all.

Before moving forward, Delta Airlines was introduced in the year of 1925 and it has also got more than 90 years of experience. They provide service to both domestic and international travel. One of the most important parts that make Delta Airlines unique is that it controls more than 5,000 flight on a regular basis.

If you are taking the Delta Airlines as the first priority then you can travel to 300 destinations in over 60 countries. The Airlines headquarters is in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. Delta Airlines is also considered as the second most largest Airlines in the world. According to the schedules passengers carried, the revenue of the scheduled passenger’s kilometre flown and the fleet size.

Apart from all these things according to Fortune 500 magazine. It is ranked in the 69th position. According to the customer review, they have noted that Delta Airlines is one of the best Airlines in the USA. This is because they will give you comfortable seats, the fair prices and delicious foods.

What are the services being provided by Delta Airlines company?

The followings are some of the services being provided by Delta Airlines company and they are:

  • The first and most important services being provided is customer care services. If you have any types of doubt then you can call them whenever you want without any types of hesitation. The customer care services will be open for you within 24×7.
  • Secondly, they have a Delta app for the customer who is travelling in Delta Airlines. In it, they can track all the status of the flight whether it delayed or being cancelled. They can also track their luggage and the weather of the place they are travelling to.
  • There are some of the travel benefits being provided by the Delta Airlines company. From these travel benefits, you can easily travel from one place to another place free of cost.

Employees working in Delta Airlines company

When an employee is working in the Delta Airlines company then they have all the rights to provide the best services to them. They use to give the benefits of insurance, buddy passes, PPR, etc. Which is beneficial for both the employees and their family. So that they can travel without any type of thinking. Also, all the delta employees have their own login portal which they can access by logging in to delta extranet. On this employee portal, they can check their all the employment details like work schedule, payroll etc.

What is Medallian status being provided by Delta Airlines company?

First Medallion is a type of benefits being provided by the Delta Airlines company to their most trustworthy customers. This is just for the customers not for all the travellers. If you have your madellian status then you will get the most comfortable seat in the flight.

The Medallian status is being divided into four Medallian tiers and they are:

  • Diamond
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum

Getting the Medallian status is very much easy. While you are booking any ticket in the Delta Airlines at that time you have to just join the Skymiles. After that, you will start earing the points of the miles you have travelled for. Not only this you will start earing the Medalian status. This is one of the most famous benefits that is being provided by Delta Airlines to their customers and their employees.


The customers who have travelled in Delta Airlines have always given the high ratings to the Airlines. So in this article, you will get all the points about why should you choose Delta Airlines for your travelling. Delta Airlines is really one of the best Airlines in the USA. Just go through this article and choose Delta Airlines.